Nutrition and Rural Development
 General info about the programme

The MSc. in Nutrition and Rural development is a 2-year Master of Science program composed of 3 main subjects and 4 majors:

  • The main subject Human Nutrition is an extended program based on the former one-year Master Program, ICP Food Science and Nutrition. This main subject is composed of 2 majors: Public Health Nutrition and Nutrition Security and Management.

  • The main subject Rural Economics and Management is based on the former master program in Agricultural Development.

  • The main subject Tropical Agriculture (Primary food production) has 2 majors: Plant Production and Animal Production. Applicants for this main subject need to indicate the major they wish to follow when applying.

The program provides an outline of all theoretical information and practical know-how, directly and indirectly related to a better understanding of nutrition problems in the developing countries, their origin and solutions. The program includes lectures, research projects, Master’s dissertation, case studies, discussions, seminars, demonstrations, lab work, exercises, some e-learning modules, self- study  and visits.


(Re-)Application round 2016-2017 open from 1st of October 2015 on!!!

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Human nutrition:

Rural Economics and Management:

Tropical agriculture:

We have been informed that the following Erasmus Mundus Programmes will openor already opened  their call shortly through which several  scholarships for students and staff (masters , PhD, post-doc and staff in general) will be available facilitating short or long term mobility. Please revise the Erasmus Mundus 2-programme websites of your interest for more details.








Partner countries

Bahamas, Cameroon, DR Congo, Gambia, Ghana, Etiopia, Mozambique, Samoa, Surinam, Tanzania, Timor Leste, Uganda

South Africa

Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Mongolia,  Myanmar, North Korea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam

Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, North Korea, Thailand, Vietnam

Types of scholarships






X (master,  PhD, staff)

X (master, PhD, post-doc, staff)

X (bachelor, master, PhD, staff)



X (staff)

X ( master, PhD, post-doc, staff)

X (bachelor, master, post-doc, staff)

X (staff)

Call open



Fall 2015


Call closed





Regarding Caribu:

  • also incoming mobility opportunities for all ACP countries as target group 2
  1. Please start your search for a possible sponsor (fellowship) once you have been pre-academically accepted! (see list of scholarships)  
  2. All applicants from 2015-2016 and 2015-2016 who were pre-academically accepted, have been personally notified and can re-apply through the new application procedure! In case you did not receive any notification , this means you were not academically accepted.
  3. The ones who already received a former official UGent academic admission letter, need also to re-apply through  the new application procedure

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